Season 1,

Episode 10: Far Cry 5 PC Hard Mode: Nash vs. Cult

March 31, 2018

Far Cry 5 PC: Descent into Cult Hell

Deep in the heart of Hope County, Montana, a Deputy finds himself entrenched in a savage revolution in Far Cry 5 PC. He finds himself hunted by members of the Project at Eden’s Gate, or Peggies for short. This deranged cult believes that the end of the world they have been long preparing for has finally arrived. They fight and die for their leader, who they call The Father. Deputy Nash must organize a resistance among the local citizens in order to push back the tide of brutality and insanity that has gripped this beautiful landscape.

Hey everyone! Nash has started Far Cry 5 on Hard Mode, and we go deep into the heart of Montana to fight these Peggies. Strap on your badass boots y’all, because it’s gonna get rough! I love this game so far, it has some of my favorite actors lending their voice talent to this title. Greg Bryk as Joseph Seed, Mark Pellegrino as Jacob Seed, Patrick Garrow as Eli, Seamus Dever as John Seed, and Christopher Heyerdahl as Sheriff Whitehorse give phenomenal performances. This is a fantastic game with a great story, a gorgeous landscape, awesome exploration and stealth mechanics, and all all-around fun time. This is the first stream of Far Cry 5 PC, played on Hard Mode, as we explore this latest release from Ubisoft.

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